The foresee Collaboration Room consists of an interactive table with the most advanced multi touch hardware (InteracTable), a vertical screen (ScreenMate) plus video conference integration and an innovative and intuitive multi touch application. It provides an innovative work environment for collaboration and video conferencing. It is fully integrated with IBM Sametime  so that user can intuitively work on documents and share them with other locations. By integrating community members and diverse content streams it is also possible to create tasks, to link information or to input content from any third party connections or Sametime application.

In addition the whole solution can be used with the IBM SmartCloud as thus provides a out-of-the-box solution for collaboration.

The software uses the most advanced multi touch gestures and thus provides the most innovative and intuitive interface for team collaboration.


  • Access meeting rooms
  • Open previously uploaded documents, open multiple documents
  • ad hoc upload of documents
  • move, zoom and rotate documents with multi touch gestures
  • make typed and handwritten annotations including straight lines, circles and rectangle in different colors
  • move a document (e.g. presentation) from the table to the vertical screen for presentation purpose
  • start a video- and audio conference directly from the application (on vertical screen)
  • share and collaboratively work on documents with remote locations and users
  • integrate mobile computers and tablets using third party applications
  • create meeting reports including annotations
  • integrate with any standard video- and audio conference system via MCU (on vertical display)
  • vertical screen content can be seen by other users within a web conference

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